INTERFACE CRITIQUE looks at the past, present and future of interfaces, highlighting the contingencies and conditions of apparatuses and applications and providing a multidisciplinary hub between Art, Design, Science and Technology.

The aim is to understand interfaces as dynamic cultural phenomena and processes, in order to develop critical perspectives beyond mere aspects of usability and design principles on one hand and reflexes of cultural pessimism on the other.

How can we examine the dissolving intersections between human and machine?

How can we comprehend the contexts and conditions of their production?

Where and how do these interfaces govern and guide us?

How do they shape our perception of our surroundings and of our world?

And what significance could interfaces have in the context of current technological, social and economical developments?


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Florian Hadler


Daniel Irrgang
Alice Soiné
Helene von Schwichow

Former Contributors

Joachim Haupt
Elena Dellasega
Melanie Ganz
Christian Karaschewitz
Dominikus Mucha
Laurenz Schaller